Are online betting games legal in Australia?

Are online betting games legal in Australia?

Licensing laws for interactive gambling vary from state to state. It was in June 2001 that Casino Online Australia and other Australia Sports Betting Games become legal in said country after the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) has been passed. Under IGA, not all interactive gambling is prohibited. For instance, if a casino online is running online casino games through licensed operators, it should be legal. This brought smiles to a lot of online casino business owners and online betters because it supported the rise of interactive gambling in Australia.

There are plenty of Australian bookmakers that are against prohibiting playing online casino games, such as Craps Online or Baccarat Online. Given its popularity in other countries too particularly in Europe, it seemed only right to support the legalization of online casinos as much as land-based casinos. While it is still controversial and the framework of most laws are still not yet very defined when it comes to online casinos, it is still something worth looking into because it provides good revenue to the country. The convenience online gambling brought to a lot of its enthusiasts are widely accepted in the country. Imagine virtual online slots allowing you to play poker machines or just to simply enjoy winning on scratchies at the comfort of your own home.

With the steady rise of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Casinos were a big hit too. You can now fund your online gambling hobby with bitcoins. Bitcoin casinos are legal too. The current legal structure in most of Australia’s IGA does not expressly stipulate that online gambling with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in casinos done online are illegal.

Due to the ever-evolving need to progress laws around the globe, people can expect that several of these regulations will be about the digital world, and that includes interactive online gambling.

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